San Francisco: ‘We don’t know when the sun is going to come back’ | Telegraph dispatch

During California’s annual autumn fire season, it’s not unusual for San Franciscans to wake up to hazy skies and poor air quality.

But on Wednesday morning the city and surrounding areas were blanketed in a thick coat of orange smoke. The sun never rose, the sky never cleared, and darkness reigned for the day.

Apocalyptic images of amber skies filled social media feeds, becoming a visceral symbol of climate change, which scientists say is partly to blame for the increasing intensity of the fires which annually threaten life and property in the state.

Amid the gallows humour, Blade Runner and Dune references, there was a sense of exhaustion among Californians who have already dealt with weeks of toxic air and wildfire smoke, on top of one of the longest and harshest Covid-19 lockdowns implemented anywhere in the world.

Watch the video from The Telegraph’s Olivia Rudgard about what it’s like to live in San Francisco at the moment.

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